About Moira

I am Moira McDougall

Have you dreamed about making a REAL difference in your world? That you could reach out and truly make a meaningful impact – a change for the better?

As the middle child of three children, my earliest memories are of a little girl who wanted to make things better, to maintain balance and harmony in her family unit.

Looking back now, it’s no surprise that I chose a career in Health and Wellness. As a new grad Physiotherapist I totally believed that my role was to nurture, nourish and heal everyone within arms’ reach.

Disillusionment can shadow even our best intentions! I soon realised that my treatment Toolbox was poorly equipped. I set out to learn all I could about health and healing on an energetic level. My studies included:

• Acupuncture
• Attunement
• Pilates for Physiotherapists
• Brain Gym
• Reflexology
• Energy Anatomy
• The healing power of plants
• The influence of diet on health
• Mindfulness and Meditation
• Pain Management Strategies
Registration with the New Zealand Board of Physiotherapy required me to pass written and oral exams. Stressful! – followed by elation when I passed and could apply for a job. Applications for Residency and then New Zealand Citizenship followed. I felt I was passing through the Ring of Fire! I learned more valuable lessons in practicing patience, being resilient, following through processes with determination, and mindful acceptance of ‘what is’ in the present moment.

Even now, after more than three decades of rich learning and work experiences, both in South Africa and New Zealand, my passion for Acupuncture and Energy Work continues to grow.

In Christchurch I again I found work within hospital settings – for the first 3 years in a Child Development Centre working in the community with children who have disabilities, and then for the following 7 ½ years in a specialist tertiary outpatient Pain Management Clinic for people experiencing ongoing or chronic pain. For me, this was another very valuable period of personal growth and consolidation of knowledge and expertise. I found I have a gift for helping people to deal with chronic pain using self-management techniques, acupuncture and energy based activities.

Let’s journey on together!
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