Attunement is:
  • A non-touch energy medicine practice that assists people to access the healing power within by animating life energy that flows through every being, forming an energy field.
Attunement was introduced by Lloyd Arthur Meeker in 1929, and further developed by Albert Ackerley, Roger de Winton, and others around the world. The central aspect of this work involves the opening of energetic gateways in the endocrine system, and assisting the energetic flow in the nervous system and organs of the body. This energetic flow is sometimes referred to as “subtle energy”.

Attunement will focus on what’s going RIGHT in your body, mind and spirit and turn up the light on these to return to a state of ease in the energy field – which is the natural state for which we are designed.

This is a defining contrast to most energy medicine practices, which seek to identify what’s missing and apply an energetic remedy. In Attunement there is nothing to fix. Rather, by increasing a state of ease, conditions of dis-ease can be influenced and displaced and there is a greater experience of the wellness we are designed to know. With this emphasis on what is right, Attunement feels natural and “true”. Increasing balance, health, well-being, power and wholeness all flow naturally from this.

Attunement practitioners find that their clients experience a feeling of peace and restfulness, and often a warm, healing energy. Along with the physical sensations there is a change in the person’s mental and emotional state that reduces anxiety and mental stress. Following an Attunement, the client has the opportunity to face their physical, mental or emotional challenges with greater personal ease, and greater internal alignment. Attunement assists individuals to meet their challenges successfully.

Attunement offers:
  • A sense of physical and spiritual well-being
  • Support of the healing process
  • A loving, prayerful surround for people and situations
  • An energetic experience that promotes deep personal transformation 

There is no formal charge for Attunement offered by HeartFire Therapy
Attunement is offered simultaneously with Acupuncture sessions, if requested. 
Traditionally, Koha (a donation) may be offered if Attunement is performed as a stand-alone treatment.

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